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18 January 2010

Working with Groups in Turning Point

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The electronic voting system Turning Point, can be used to collate information from various groups in one audience.

There are two methods to do this:

1. Team assignment

Insert a ‘team assignment’ slide and change the teams to represent the ggroups you are working with (e.g. Medical genetics students/ Biol Sci students or school 1/ school 2 etc)

Have the participants register with their team using this slide as the opening voting slide. use the ‘team scoring reports’ to provide analysis on overal comparative data between teams on each question.


2. Create a participant list split into groups

More comlicated, but ensures that particular handsets are allocated to particular groups.

Use a barcode scanner to read the device IDs on the handsets into an excel spreadsheet. Allocate the device IDs to groups by typing/ pastingĀ a group name next each entry. Save as /csv format (comma separated file).

Go to Turning point and create a participant list: ‘participants>participant list wizard’. Use the default settings to create a very simple template with only one field in which the group name can be entered. Create the number of groups required. Import the .csv file with the devide IDs and then manually add to the groups (check box). Save the participant list and re-use when voting with the groups.

Tip for session management: you can merge two sessions (i.e. voting on the same questions before and after an event) if they were saved separately.

If you can rely on your audience (!) you can se the first slide of your questions to be a Team Assignment slide.

21 April 2008

What is this funny grey box?

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You may have noticed some changes on the Biological Sciences School Office Blackboard site. From 21 April, some new features have been introduced

Single site

The previous system of separating staff and students sites has been replaced by a new single site for everyone. Sensitive information is only available to staff, hidden from the student view.

Email all students

Members of staff can use the Blackboard site to email students by year of entry and degree stream.

Two new blogs

1. For staff: Leicester School of Biological Sciences

This new blog is available outside blackboard, without the need to log in to discover the latest updates on what is happening. The blog includes updates on new features in Blackboard and Turnitin as well as information on School events and notices. You can have these updates delivered direct to your browser using RSS.

2. for students: Frequently asked questions and School notices

This new blog is an internal Blackboard blog (which is secure) for posting messages to all students. It will contain answers to frequently asked questions (when are my exams?) and school notices.

16 April 2008

A simple way to enrol a list of users in Blackboard

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You can add users to Blackboard as a comma separated list, and define their roles at the same time. So if you have a long list of staff to enrol on a course, use the ‘Add users by role’ option in the course tools section of the control panel.

detailed instructions

15 April 2008

How can I email all the students in a year?

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Members of staff can use the groups set up in the Biological Sciences School Office blackboard site to email students by course and year.


or see the video

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