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23 February 2010

Setting up a Turnitin assignment on Blackboard

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Turnitin Assignments work best when a new one is made for each year and each peice of work that needs to be submitted. Re-using assignments from previous years can cause problems with re-sit students not being able to submit work and the links to the submitted assignments can break.

Setting up a new assignment is straightforward. Follow the instructions on the Turnitin UK support site.

Under ‘more options’ add the following standard text as the ‘special instructions’ (this includes some HTML code to insert line breaks and improve the layout).

The DEADLINE for submission is TIME, DAY, DATE, YEAR.<br>
If you believe you have unintentionally submitted an incomplete or incorrect file then you should contact the convenor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.<br>

By submitting your work using this link you are declaring: “I confirm that I understand the University’s regulations regarding plagiarism and that this is my own work. It has not been copied from any other person’s work (published or unpublished), and has not previously been submitted for assessment.”

other settings in ‘more options’ can generally be left at the default, but please make sure you select the option for students NOT to view the originality report.

To hide a previous assignment, click ‘MODIFY’ next to the assignment, then ‘ADAPTIVE RELEASE’ and choose a date after which the assignment will not be displayed. Blackboard may protest, but you can ignore this.  

Modify a Turnitin assignment


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