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26 June 2009

Summer updates to Turnitin

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Several updates are coming to Turnitin this summer. I’ve highlighted some of them below:

Global exclusion Bibliographic materialTIIbibliography

Default setting for all new assignments will be to exclude bibliographic and quoted material from the Similiarity Index

Currently, within an individual originality report, instructors must choose to exclude bibliographic and quoted material. When this new feature launches, instructors will be able to indicate their preferences at the assignment level. The default for all newly created assignments will be for this content to be excluded. (Originality reports generated prior to the feature’s launch will remain unaffected; whatever exclusion preference was set for each individual original report pre-launch will remain post-launch). This assignment-level preference can be changed up until the first paper has been submitted. In all instances, as currently, an instructor can view an originality report and change the individual paper’s settings to include or exclude bibliographic and quoted material.

Optional Exclusion of Small Matches in the Originality Report

Instructors may choose to indicate that the similarity index for every originality report for an assignment should exclude matches equal to or less than a certain percent (1% – 100%).  The default setting is that ALL matches are shown.

The size of matches that have been excluded (if any) is clearly indicated on each originality report. Instructors can adjust the size of matches to exclude while viewing each originality report and those adjustments are immediately reflected in the originality report.

Instructors may sometimes find limited value in seeing large numbers of small percentage matches for an assignment. Now instructors have the flexibility to choose what level matches should be included in the computation of the similarity index and highlighted in the originality report.  This flexibility provides instructors with an additional degree of control in evaluating student assignments.

Improved Handling of Document Submissions and Multiple File Uploads

New productivity and usability enhancements for submissions that:
•    Double the size limits for individual file submissions (from 10MB to 20MB) as well as zip file (batch) uploads (from 100MB to 200MB).
•    Improve user notification for submissions that exceed the maximum sizes (and guidance to help fix the issue);
•    Streamline the process for uploading zipped files of multiple documents.

Currently, instructors must repetitively select and tag each document (author name, email, paper title) for upload. Now instructors will select multiple files and conveniently enter document information into a table.


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