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12 February 2009

Customising a Module Survey in Blackboard

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There is a copy of the standard school of Biological Sciences end of module questionnaire available to use on Blackboard as an online survey. Contact Jo Badge to have a copy added to your course site.

Once the survey has been added, you can customise the questions to include the names of the lecturers on the course. Then you can set the survey to become available to students automatically on any given date.

This short video demonstrates how to add the survey, customise it and make it available.

Accessing the results of a Module Survey

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A Quick video showing how to access the results of a Module survey in Blackboard.


Getting module questionnaire data from Blackboard

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How to use the data gathered on a Blackboard survey for a module questionnaire and represent answers as scores not percentages.

The School of Biological Sciences standard end of module questionnaire is available as a blackboard survey which can be customised for your course. Contact Jo Badge to get a copy for your course.

To see which students have completed the survey

Once the module has ended and the survey has been completed by as many students as possible, you can access the data via the gradebook.


You will see a column for the module questionnaire (subtitled ‘survey’). A green tick will appear for every student that has completed the questionnaire and submitted it. A padlock icon indicates that the student has looked at, but not completed the questionnaire. You will not be able to retrieve partial data from these attempts, so contact the students and ask them to finish the survey.

To view the summary of results:

Click on heading for the column for the module questionnaire (subtitled ‘survey’), then choose ‘ASSESSMENT ATTEMPT DETAILS’. This will show you how many students answered the survey and give percentage scores for each answer.

assessment attempt details

assessment attempt details

For simplicity and a record of the survey this page can be printed off.

Alternatively, if you wish to download the raw data for the survey, you can manipulate the results in Excel to produce an overall score out of 5 for each question.

To download the raw data

From the GRADEBOOK, click on heading for the column for the module questionnaire (subtitled ‘survey’), then choose ‘DOWNLOAD RESULTS’. Save the file to your computer.

download survey

download survey

To convert to scores

Open the downloaded results in Excel. Copy and paste the formulas from the example spreadsheet into your dataset for each question.

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