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11 July 2008

Making a copy site for the new academic year

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The taught MSc courses mostly operate on two Blackboard sites to cope with the quick change over between students in September. to do this, go the current archive course (2006/2007) and take an archive copy of the site :

CONTROL PANEL>ARCHIVE COURSE> click on ‘archive’ to create a new archive file. You will receive an email when the process is complete. Return to the archive page and right click on the new blue link to download the file. you can now recycle this course to remove the content and students.

To recycle the course:
CONTROL PANEL>RECYCLE COURSE> select the items to recycle, you can choose all the boxes, including ‘users’ as you need to make a clean empty site.

Now take a copy of the current live site (2007-8). to do this, go into the current site:


Type in the course ID for the old, now empty 2006/7 site. If you don’t know the ID, use the browse feature and search by name. Choose the items to copy across – it is easiest to select everything EXCEPT the users, as this will copy across the current students as well.

You can change the name of the copied site to ‘MSc xxx 2008/9’ by CONTROL PANEL>SETTINGS>COURSE NAME AND DESCRIPTION. This course will be unavailable. Remember to make it available in September and make the 2007/8 site unavailable!

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