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30 April 2008

Looking for RSS feeds from your favourite journal?

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Zetoc is the electronic table of contents service from the British Library. The British library is a copyright library, so receives copies of just about anything you can think and many that you can’t. You may already use Zetoc email alerts, which sends an email to you containing results from saved search terms. Another option is to get the Electronic table of contents direct to your browser, so you can have the latest issues from Nature genetics or Cell automatically appear in your browser. To do this, use Zetoc: RSS and an RSS aggregator and go and look for your favourite journals.

A good place to start with RSS is by looking at ‘what the heck is RSS ?’

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27 April 2008

How can I get module questionnaire data from Blackboard?

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The School of Biological Sciences standard end of module questionnaire is available as a Blackboard survey which can be customised for your course. Contact Jo Badge to get a copy for your course. Information on how to extract the data from the questionnaire and present it as rank scores is available, including an example excel file to use.

25 April 2008

Blog editors on the School Office Blackboard site

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Anyone classed as a blog editor on the Biological Sciences School office Blackboard Site can add new postings. These are available as ‘headlines’ to students outside Blackboard if they use an RSS reader (this is something that first year students in 2008/9 will be introduced to in BS1010).


This short video demonstrates how to add items to the blog. If you cannot see the student blog on your Blackboard page, please contact Jo Badge

Sending email within the school: now with video!

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Using the Biological Sciences School Office site, you can send email to students in the school by year of entry and degree stream, or combine these groups to send email to all the students in a year.

This short video shows exactly how to do this.

If you cannot access the ‘staff only’ menu item on the blackboard site, please contact Jo Badge.

24 April 2008

Biological Sciences moves up in Good University Guide

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The University’s new placing in the Good University Guide as 12th out of 113 is our highest position by a long way (up 8 places on last year, particularly on the back of continued success in the National Student Survey).

Biological Sciences also did very well, coming in 10th out of 87 in the subject rankings, again our highest ever position in the Guide. Medicine was placed 19th out of 30 and Psychology 32nd out of 100.

How do I set up a TurnitinUK assignment in Blackboard ?

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This short movie will demonstrate how to set up an assignment in Blackboard and view the results.

21 April 2008

What is this funny grey box?

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You may have noticed some changes on the Biological Sciences School Office Blackboard site. From 21 April, some new features have been introduced

Single site

The previous system of separating staff and students sites has been replaced by a new single site for everyone. Sensitive information is only available to staff, hidden from the student view.

Email all students

Members of staff can use the Blackboard site to email students by year of entry and degree stream.

Two new blogs

1. For staff: Leicester School of Biological Sciences

This new blog is available outside blackboard, without the need to log in to discover the latest updates on what is happening. The blog includes updates on new features in Blackboard and Turnitin as well as information on School events and notices. You can have these updates delivered direct to your browser using RSS.

2. for students: Frequently asked questions and School notices

This new blog is an internal Blackboard blog (which is secure) for posting messages to all students. It will contain answers to frequently asked questions (when are my exams?) and school notices.

17 April 2008

Improvements to Turnitin database – more peer review journals added

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iParadigms have been working with CrossRef to provide a service to academic publishers to help verify the originality of academic content. Originally piloted last year and now fully adopted, the service provided to publishers will be called CrossCheck (based on iThenticate, TII’s not student/class based sister product).

The content which is already part of the iThenticate database will become part of TII in June this year. Currently CrossCheck has the following members that have provided content;

* Association for Computing Machinery
* BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.
* Elsevier
* Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
* IUCr
* The New England Journal of Medicine
* Taylor & Francis and
* Wiley-Blackwell

However as CrossRef have 500+ members it is expected that this list will grow rapidly (from Will Murray, Northumbria Learning)

16 April 2008

Is my list of students up to date on Blackboard?

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Jo Badge has updated all the student enrollments for the second semester on Blackboard. If you believe that you have students registered on your course erroneously, please contact Jo, or check with Louise Johnson in the school office.

A simple way to enrol a list of users in Blackboard

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You can add users to Blackboard as a comma separated list, and define their roles at the same time. So if you have a long list of staff to enrol on a course, use the ‘Add users by role’ option in the course tools section of the control panel.

detailed instructions

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